BullBear is shutting down.

We started developing BullBear back in 2008 with passion and ardor. It started as an idea on a piece of paper and evolved into a commodity trading app analyzing thousands of documents to assist the investor in deciding whether the commodity price will rise or decrease. More specifically, it was crawling the web real time for news and blogs about commodities, classifying them per commodities and mining the text through natural language processing taking into account the supply and demand law. Otherwise said, it was detecting what is the opinion expressed over the web about a commodity price: bull or bear.

While we came to the conclusion 2 years ago that we could not sustain the marketing of this great technology, we decided to leave it online for our loyal users. However, we recently had to make the decision to shut it down due to the increasing requirement for maintenance.

We’d like to thank the users who provided us with very useful feedback. We’d like also to thank all people who took the time to listen and advise us about the many aspects of BullBear (technologies, commodity trading and marketing).

If you want to know more about our other projects and services, come visit our website. We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic data scientists always looking for new challenges with unstructured data.

The OODA Technologies team


Why is BullBear shutting down?

The financial information market is huge and so extremely competitive. We came to the conclusion 2 years ago that we just could not afford the necessary effort to market it, even though it was innovative and pertinent. On top of that, the maintenance fees and the fact that some critical updates would have been required soon forced us to shut it down.

What if I’m interested to know more about the technologies behind BullBear? What if I have other questions? How can I get in touch?

OODA Technologies is behind BullBear and we are still very alive! So don’t hesitate to contact us. BullBear’s API and core NLP and sentiment analysis algorithms still exist and we’d be more than happy to discuss them with you.

We are also very keen to discuss opportunities of tailoring BullBear for other financial applications or other domains requiring extraction of specific type of knowledge from huge volumes of textual information.

You can reach us here: info-ooda@ooda.ca.